Today we did in with the Shamrock Shake green. I went back to Busy Beaver (yes, that's really the name of the store) and purchased the lightest shade of green you could get. It actually looked white-ish to me, only noticable when held up to a white sample. I get it home, filled with hope. As I began painting, I realized that it definately does NOT look white, rather like Mint. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Mint... I like it a million times better than Shamrock Shake. However, how in the world do people actually buy the color of paint that they want when those samples in the store are completely NOT the same color?
There has to be some sort of paint-department conspiracy to keep customers coming back, spending more and more money trying to get the right paint hue. Well this customer isn't buying into their games. This customer is going to be a quitter! I'm going to learn to live with my minty fresh bathroom if it kills me, and I'm gonna LIKE it, too. Busy Beaver, you will not win, for I refuse to paint that dang room one more time.
On a brighter note, Pat gets to lay the rest of the flooring tomorrow and then it's just the tub, vanity, mirror, lights, and shower head:) Oh sweet bathroom, it will be so good to finally meet you. I'll see you in my minty dreams....