Well we finished the living room this weekend! After 3 days of continuous work and very, VERY long shifts, we finally finished a room! The living room looks lovely with it's Acorn Nut and Barely Beige walls, Olive patterned, stain-resistant 12x12 rug, new accent pillows, wall hangings, and cool new table and benches:) Unfortunately, the "aqua" color we chose for the bathroom made it feel like one was drowning in a Shamrock shake.... so we added a gallon of white paint to the mix to try lightening it up some. And now it looks like a slightly-lighter Shamrock shake. It's ridiculous the physical reaction we all seem to have upon walking into the room! So a new color will be chosen immediately. However, kudos to my man for working like a slave all weekend, asking what he can do to help ME, and then not telling me how much he hated the bathroom wall color until I mentioned it first, just in case I liked it. Very sweet, very needed:)

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