I am honestly and downright sad about leaving my old job and the families that I worked with for a year and a half. All day I find myself thinking about the meetings that I'm missing with the insurance company, school observations that I want to follow up on, and brainstorming with parents to come up with new ways to work on target behaviors. I'm stressing about the new job, feeling incompetent and fearful for what lies ahead. There have just been so many recent changes, and I think that it's effecting my physical body.... I thought I may have mono; super tired, weak, fatigued, nauseous, grumpy, runny you-know-what, not to mention the allergies. But I'm thinking it's more emotional stress than anything that is causing these mono-like symptoms. Heart Mono.
On the plus side, my observant husband noted that our one dog had become ill (also runny you-know-whats) on the new hard wood floors and tarp we had down while mudding the dry wall. But have no fear, he tells me. He's taken care of it. Ladies, if your husband has ever told you he has taken care of something, you too, may have found yourself with poop on your arm as you were walking out the door for work after he's left the soiled tarp outside of the door instead of washed off and put back in it's place. "I didn't see it!" he claims. But you and I, we know better. I'm probably going to get Mono of the Arm now, too.