This is it. Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow I get to say goodbye to the furry friends and creepy crawly ickies that reside in our basement. Tomorrow I won't have to strip down in the cold, dank cellar, using the same razor for the 9th week in a row (I honestly haven't been able to find the new pack I bought just before the wedding), and try to shave in a dark corner. Tomorrow I won't have to wear SHOWER SHOES!!! Do you want to know why? Of course you do or else you wouldn't be reading this crazy blog of mine. Tomorrow, folks, is the day that I get to shower in an actual tub!!! It is in, the sealant should be dry, and it (will be) clean! Let the heavens rejoice and the woman shout with glee.

(Now, who would like to take bets that I go to get into the tub tomorrow and there's a huge, nasty spider in the tub? Any takers?)

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