Early this morning, I was awakened (after being repeatedly elbowed all night) to my husband poking his index finger in my face until finally shoving it INTO my mouth, somewhere between my upper teeth and lip. Um, excuse me? Can I help you? Unless you are a dentist, get your wood-choppin', dog-pettin' hand OUT of my mouth. After being elbowed in the face so many times, I should've bitten his finger, but his not-so-subtle snoring told me that he was still, in fact, asleep.
Thankfully, we had a productive day of painting (I'm loving my Acorn Nut colored living room!) and getting rid of old appliances in our basement. Then we went to dinner for some Mexican food with a group of friends, with Pat putting the moves on me the entire time, just like we were on a real date:) Hopefully tonight he remembers that although I do like the occasional Lady Finger, I am generally NOT in the mood for a Chubby-Italian-Man Finger, and to keep his hands, digits, and elbows on HIS side of the bed and out of my mouth.