I must admit, I was an excellent wife today. Afterall, my hubby did deserve it. He finished putting the hallway floor in for me and didn't even leave me a mess for when I got home (all the dishes he used were even put in the dishwasher!!!). So I rewarded HIM with a romantic rendevoux for 2 (complete with candles and everything.... but they made the room stifling hot and we almost suffocated.... he also took 2 phone calls, but hey, if that's how he wants to spend his reward time, that's his choice!). Then, on top of the romantic encounter, I gave him full control of the television (even if it WAS to watch yesterday's Steelers game)... he even offered to turn on House, but I told him that it was his night. I was very impressed with our give and take today. Job well done, Costas. Good game :)

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