It was the first day at the new job, but the last day for my parents. They leave in the morning, Project Master Bath not yet completed, but further along than we could've expected considering all that's gone wrong. With a few mental breakdowns, several major fights, and a zillion house catastrophes, it's a wonder we're all still speaking (or living) at this point. But I was alive enough to drudge through the first day of work, consisting of signing a trillion papers, attending meetings, and reading massive amounts of literature regarding the company. I think after a 6 weeks of every possible change known to man, I need to hibernate (just for a few months). I will miss my parents, though. And eventually my bathroom/living room/stairwell/hallway will be complete. It's an exhausting miriad of emotions going on right now, and I know that all will eventually work itself out and be wonderful... hopefully sooner rather than later, because first and last days are never the easiest, especially when they are the same day.