I work as a Family Based Therapist in New Castle as my new line of employment. What I find truly amusing is the fact that my fingers REALLY have a hard time typing the word "based" while I'm typing up my notes after sessions. Despite knowing this, I consistently have been typing "basted" into my notes instead. When I proof-read my logs before hitting submit, I giggle each time I forgot to catch my mistake, because it sounds like I'm prepping my clients and their families for Thanksgiving dinner. I've decided that some of my clients (and their families) could probably use a good basting with soap and water, nevertheless, it shouldn't be in my professional notes.
The other option is to simply type FB for Family Based.... but all I can think about with that is Facebook, which really shows that I'm tremendously pitiful in my preoccupation with facebook if simple initials are bringing it to mind so quickly. Eventually the new job title will win over facebook, but until then, I'll just have to continue to baste my clients and type my work notes into facebook.

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