Last night we decided to go out. We had worked hard Friday and Saturday, so we thought, hey, let's use a gift certificate and go to the Log Cabin. Unfortunately, Saturday night at 7:30 (ON SWEETEST DAY) is not the time to randomly choose to have date night. Ugh. Well, we were left hungry and wanting to try something new (aka me wanting to try something new, Pat wanting to try the same Mexican restaurant we ALWAYS eat at, ordering the same meal he ALWAYS orders). So we compromised and chose something I wanted. The food was good, a bit overpriced, and we were seated next to a horrendously chubby family with less than satisfactory hygiene (as they ate their 11 course meal). However, we still had a nice time laughing and talking (even if there WAS still paint in my hair).

Then we watched Star Trek.... not the awful show, the new movie, which was actually very good, despite the fact that it's totally NOT a date night movie. But once again, it was a compromise... until our neighbor came over and hung out with us during our date. It's a good thing I don't have high standards for Sweetest Day. Overall, the date was a success:)