I came home today and found my husband very sick today. The poor man looked healthy enough, but on closer examination of the house, I realized that only a very sick person would dare to leave the house in the state that it was after his wife had been away at work for 10 hours. I didn't detect any couging, sneezing, or bleeding sores, but I'm pretty sure my husband is suffering from a case of the I-don't-see-it-therefore-it-doesn't-need-to-be-picked-up-itis. (Some people have referred to it in layman's terms: lazy.)
I love my guy. I really do. But I'm wondering if his illness is causing him to have a lapse in memory of his love for me.... or the fact that I thoroughly cleaned the house last night before going to bed (despite the hives, exhaustion, and allergies I'm dealing with) so that today when I got home from my long day, everything would be nice. In his defense, I suppose that there are truly some people out there that do NOT know how to operate the modern-day dishwasher. I bet in some cultures, it's considered a compliment to leave dirty dishes in the sink, or to walk past trash that has been strategically placed by the door (for days on end), or even to leave bread crumbs and coffee grinds as a trail to find your way from room to room. But in this case, I really do have to take into consideration his ill-health. Because only someone with a severe diagnosis would allow rice to harden into a pot on the stove for hours, despite being reminded to put it away. I better call a doctor fast, because if this doesn't clear up quickly, I'm afraid my husband may die.

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