For those of you who don't know, I may in fact be the world's lightest sleeper. Anyone who has ever lived with me can attest to this fact. This is a problem that seems to be getting increasingly worse with age. When I was a baby, my mom could run the vaccum in my bedroom, jostling my crib about the room without waking me up. As a child, loud noises could stir me, but I was otherwise sound asleep. In college, I struggled with the desk lamps of my roommates and the constant buzz of activity outside our room. In my first apartment, the mere sound of the refridgerator running sent me over the edge.
An now? Now that I live in an old farm house, what could possibly keep me awake? Bugs flying into my ear while I sleep and buzzing me awake (YES, that was about a week ago)? A husband that saws logs in his sleep as much as he chops wood while awake? The sound of puppy dog nails on the hard wood floors of our room, hall, etc.? Yes, yes. All of these things keep me awake at night. But none as painfully so as the train that goes through our front yard 1-4 times nightly, riding it's brakes and tooting it's ever-joyful little horn, mocking me as I lie in my bed, tensing with every passing screech of the brakes..... I somethimes envision myself sabatoging the tracks for the following night while I lay in bed half-sleeping, half-anxiously clawing at the covers waiting for the train to pass and wondering if and when the next one will come.....
But not to worry, everyone. According to everyone I've spoken to, there is good news. Apparently, I'll get used to it! Isn't that WONDERFUL news? And here I was, getting all upset over nothing. One to two years, tops they say, and I'll be sleeping like a baby. Until then, ..... zzzz..... oh, sorry, fell asleep typing..... zzzzz

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