I'm sure you all will be thrilled to know that my man and I are done fighting. (cheers from the peanut gallery) It's amazing that a simple "I love you" will put one's relationship on the path to redemption so quickly... so after my statement, I awaken around 4am to my hubby snuggling over to my side of the bed all cutesy-like, before dropping his dead-weight arm across my abdomen and breathing heavily onto my forehead. Now, I'm delighted by the sweet gesture in his half-awake moment, but after a few moments, I started to feel light-headed and my heart was racing (NOT because of the sweet gesture, but because I totally couldn't breathe). And the breath that I was getting, was the disgustingly warm, re-used breath of another person that you get when someone is talking too close to your face (or that you get when someone simply falls asleep on your face).
So I HAD to pull away, you see, or I would've suffocated. Thankfully, my husband was dead to the world and had no idea that I completely shunned his sweet apologetic gesture. I knew he wasn't offended because he whistled. All day long. When he is happy and all is well with the world, we may hear anything from "Happy Birthday" to an old hymn from the 1800s (seriously) and I'm pretty sure that today, we heard both while he helped out on Project Master Bath. Perhaps I should get my dad some ear plugs, but it's good to know that my "I love you" and a death-snuggle in the middle of the night are all it takes to put the whistle back into my hubby's work.