Well let me just say that the annoying day from yesterday followed me in my sleep and caught me by the heels (or fingertip) again today... the coral reef in my finger is apparently going to be with me for a while longer, despite a completely useless trip to the doctor. And we discovered several more bills that await payment that we were not planning on. So, being a HUGE PMSing female at the moment, I cried.

Sour day? You bet. I then get home and my new hubby sends me a text to go to my computer. (Curiousity rising....) There is a Word document opened, telling me how sorry he is that I'm having a bad day, and that there is a surprise for me behind my computer that will hopefully make things sweeter. (Curiosity getting slightly out of control....) And behind my computer were two of the most beautifully delicious chocolate bars (one with nuts, one without.... he was obviously symbolizing our relationship...) waiting for me. Definately made my sour day so much sweeter :)

One quick question though.... why do men make regular gutteral grunting sounds? Like a perpetual clearing of the throat? It's right up there with the moaning whenever they move or lift something, even if that something isn't heavy.... Uuugggghhhh. Does it really help? Stop grunting! Especially in the middle of the night when you get up to pee! It wakes us women up!

But I guess the chocolate covers a multitude of sins... ;)