I'm sure that every couple that owns pets (and views them as loving children) can understand the dilemma of where the dogs sleep now that husband and wife share a bed.... some of us have been more accomodating than others of us (ahem) in letting the dogs join our bed. BUT let the record show that I am officially coming around to the idea of keeping the dogs on the floor.
Reason 1: There's the occasional dog hair (equaling an entirely new dog) that tend to float around in the sheets.
Reason 2: The dogs naturally want to cuddle up to the sweeter, nicer, more loving of the spouses (me), leaving me with 3 dogs on top of ME and HIM sleeping soundly without a care in the world.
Reason 3: This is the biggest reason of all. Last night, previously mentioned spouse put the dogs outside for their pre-bedtime "potty". Said spouse also neglected to wipe said puppy dogs' feet before they sauntered up the stairs for bed. Mr. Milo had apparently stepped in (or still had attached to him) a decent amount of DOG CRAP and then walked across MY side of the bed... ON OUR NEW EGYTIAN COTTON SHEETS!!! Husband, finding this funny, accused me of pooping the bed to get out of being in trouble for not wiping down the dogs properly.
So what does little ole' wifey do? I frantically began scrubbing the sheets (with a terribly painful tetanus shot arm... in case anyone has forgotten) while my sweet hubby sat reading his book. After sensing my frustration (or simply responding to me yelling at him), he says so innocently, "Why didn't you ask me to help?".... Really? As my half-dead arm hung limply by my side, I really needed to ask?
In all, it is safe to say that the dogs (and possibly the husband if such nonsense keeps up) will be sleeping on the floor.