So it's not exactly the story of the multiplying of the fish and loaves.... it's more a story of the man who ate ALL the loaves and would've probably eaten the fish, except he doesn't like most fish, due to the fishy taste. My husband, when hungry, has an insatiable appetite at times... something that can only be solved by carb-overload. We can go to a restaurant, him saying "I'm not really all that hungry..." only to place his order and then frantically scan the door to the kitchen for our waitress to arrive with our food. At this time, my husband then uses both hands to actually shovel food into his mouth at speeds that are undetectable to the human eye, and one may miss his meal entirely if they yawn, sneeze, or even blink too long.
All this to be said is that we are experiencing a large bread shortage in the Costa home these days. Perhaps it is the long days of slaving away on Project Master Bath, or maybe it's just his comfort food after days of not getting enough alone time or "wifey time".... but these loaves, they ain't a-multiplyin'.... oh no, these loaves are a-disappearin' like.... well, like loaves to a hungry, hairy, Italian. Time to break out the bread maker and keep my man happy :)