and the finger, and the arm, and the shoulder, and the uterus! Ugh! Coral reef is, apparently, my kryptonite (although if I'm being honest, just about everything is). Because this horrible coral refuses to leave my finger, I was put on a medication that causes headache and nausea (and they're not kidding). I was also made to get a tetanus shot... no big deal, I had one when I was in high school and it was really not that bad. EXCEPT that the doctors don't tell you that tetanus shots hurt a million times worse when you're an adult AND the pain lasts for DAYS. Side effects of tetanus shots? Nausea, redness around injection site, hard lumps forming near the injection site, inability to lift injected arm, muscle pain.... and which ones do I have? ALL OF THEM.

As my terrible pain became increasingly terrible throughout the day, it was my delight to come home to find a beautiful get well gift on my desk... a hand-picked bouquet of flowers from around our farm. They are beautifully arranged in a simple vas (yes, vas. The moment requires a bit of formality as this may never happen again.). Does it make me "get well soon"? No, but it reminds me that as parts of my body begin falling off one by one, I have a wonderful husband that will be there to pick up the pieces and bury them around our farm.

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