After numerous obstacles with Project Master Bath, my parents decided to stay a little longer in order to accomodate the project delays. In the meantime, my mom graciously decided to help with organizing my kitchen while I was at work.... something that I've been dying to accomplish but haven't had the time since getting back from the honeymoon (what with the new job coming up, bathroom problems, everything covered in drywall dust, and trying to find "alone time" with my new hubby amidst the insanities).
Whereas I am anxious over NOTHING being in order in my new home, my poor man is struggling with one thing. Not the hallway floor now looking down into the living room below, not the showering with the spiders in the basement, but the fact that the kitchen cupboards are now switched around. How can someone deal with all the other chaos just fine and yet have such difficulty with kitchen supplies?
However, in his attempt to be sweet (and cheap) he bought me two office organizers off the clearance rack at Busy Beaver (yes, that is really the name of the store). Nevermind the fact that I already have desk organizers, I may just keep them in a closet and pull them out years down the road as a reminder that, for at least one day of his life, he made an attempt to organize.