Today was my last day at Comprehensive Children and Family Services. As I said goodbye to my last few clients, their families, and co-workers today, I felt a bit of nostalgia and even wondering if I was making the right choice. My families were all very sad that I was leaving, but it was a weird emptiness today as I noticed that they had no choice but to start detatching from me so that they could move on as well. So my nerves for Monday and starting the next career chapter of my life are growing in both excitement and fear.... I'm happy to be able to work with co-workers daily and actually be able to make friends with people that I see consistently. But the job itself still has so many unknowns that it's easy to fall into the trap of questioning what I know is a much better position for me. In any event, God had this job seek ME out (they called me several times while we were on our honeymoon to tell me that there was a job they wanted me to apply for) and God wouldn't send an employer to find an employee unless it was the job that was right for this new phase of life. Maybe it's all just been so overwhelming with the wedding, honeymoon, moving, parents living with us, and remodeling for a month (oh, and yes, STILL PMSing).... but hopefully the IBS clears up by Monday and the first day at the new job:)