On a few occasions of my life, I have known to be (again, just once or twice) slightly.... clumsy. I know what you're thinking. How could this charming, intelligent, funny girl manage to hurt herself as often as she does? There are people that hurt themselves on purpose to fulfill some inner sense of reality and feeling. And here I am, mocking them with my unintentional incidents of self-abusing behavior. Perhaps with all of our furniture moved about, power tools lining the floors, and random nails scattered around, I have been less than safe in my choice of footwear (flip flops, bare feet, etc.). But it is truly amazing how many times I have stubbed my toes, banged my knees, and rolled my ankles in the past few days.
I can't even blame the latest incident on Project Master Bath, as it happened while I was trying to read my planner and walk at the same time (normally I could do that PLUS chew gum, but apparently I'm losing my touch). Needless to say, I completely rolled my ankle, leaving it swollen and ridiculously sore. Upon hearing that I had hurt myself for the hundredth time in 3 days, my loving husband sent me a caring text message, asking me if he should build me a bubble to live in once the bathroom is complete. Ah. It's always comforting to know that when you're hurting, there will always be someone by your side to laugh at you and make jokes at your expense. I am truly blessed.