Earlier today, my husband told our neighbor that the first 2 weeks of marriage have been great, except there seems to be an awful lot of chores. Our neighbor told him to give it 20 more years and then he'll REALLY know what chores are. So, needless to say, that's all we've done this week is set up house, fix broken items, sort through old memories, and update things that have grown old with the house.
I must admit, my man has done his part with nary a sigh nor a complaint, which is amazing considering his "stomach problems" today... although I'm sure he'd love to know that I just posted that we "need a new toilet because he may have hurt it's feelings today". All in all, we have done well working together and not biting each other's heads off when things haven't gone as planned. I can wash dishes in the bathroom sink with the best of them, and he can install outside lights without chucking the screw driver into the side of the house when the screw refuses to tighten. We may not be the sitcom, but our Home Improvement is going rather well:)