In order to do our bathroom project, we needed to make a Home Depot run. Now, let it be said that I am not against Home Depot, and the 10% off for opening a charge card with them was wonderfully helpful, as were the multiple staff that aided us during our 3 hour trip. Now that is out of the way, how in the WORLD can they justify selling things for those prices?!? I just want a pretty, functional bathroom without having to sell off a few acres of our land to pay for it.
Well, my boy did well for the first 2 hours.... but after the last hour, we were all getting crabby, hungry, and tired. So naturally, he was getting feisty:) But, for the sake of his mother and my parents, he managed to keep from yelling at me as I dragged him from department to department, adding more and more items to our cart (correction: carts). And he even managed to tear apart our old bathroom with a level of decency that makes my heart proud. Good boy, Bubba, good boy. :)