Ok, so this is already a failed attempt at keeping a daily record of my first year of marriage. But how was I to know that Mexico (our behind-the-times honeymoon locale) would have a 15 minute internet limit per day.... PER ROOM!? AND how was I to plan for getting coral reef stuck into the middle fingertip of my right hand, rendering me impaired during my typing sessions (PS, it's still in there... the stubborn thing just simply WONT come out!). And honestly, there was no way for me to know that we would already have had a huge fight that I simply didn't want to start blogging about, making our seemingly normal relationship look flawed within the first week of our life together.

Thus, I start my yearly journal now. A week and a half into the marital trek. And how did the trek begin? With my wonderful new hubby, Pat, making a to-do list for around the house. (I was as shocked as anyone). He walked right into the bedroom and asked for a list of things for him to do. It's basically a dream come true.... but I didn't want to overload him, just in case this was a fluke. I want to test the waters on small tasks before delving into such things as crown molding and unpacking his suitcase. However, he DID bring my car in to get a new battery after my car failed to start today.

So, despite the fight-that-shall-not-be-mentioned-again incident, the first "day" has been a success. Now if only I could get him to stop dripping coffee all over the counter....