Hi, I'm Shivonne. 

Plain and simple, I'm just a Mama just trying to keep her sanity and wits about her.

I drink too much coffee (but only before noon), eat too much fatty food (but only before midnight), and spend way too much time washing dishes. 

Things that you should know about me....

Well, I was raised in what used to be considered a small town roughly an hour north of Detroit, Michigan. My younger brother and I were brought up by two amazing and loving parents - they taught us about Jesus, showed us how to be responsible human beings, and talked about the tough stuff. 

I gave my heart to Christ when I was just 4-years-old. 

I wanted to be a writer when I was in grade school, but traded my dream in for psychotherapy....however, dreams don't die, they just go to some sort of dream purgatory for a time. So this is me. Writing.

I received my Bachelors degree from Grove City College in Pennsylvania, and my MSW from the University of Pittsburgh.

I'm the worship leader at my church and I just started a children's choir with a group of tone-deaf munchkins, my own kids included (God help us all).

I sometimes refer to my husband as "The Hairy Italian" in blog posts.... so yeah, that's Pat.

We have three kids during the week and four on the weekends, ages 9, 7, 2, and 1.

We have 3 dogs and live on a 40-acre farm.... parts of our house are 250 years old, I have the crooked roof, walls, and floors to prove it.

Our family has practice dealing with depression, anxiety, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), PTSD, and ADHD. We speak in acronyms and hand out coping skills at the dinner table.

And I take my birth control daily. Because God help us if we try to fit one more car seat into our mini van.

Striving for sanity.